A photo of the roof of a home.

Signs Your Home Needs a Roofing Repair

Now that the snow is officially gone for the season (knock on wood), it’s time to inspect your roof! It’s survived the weight of winter but how well? It’s important to spot early signs of damage and to take preventative measures to save yourself from bigger, more costly problems in the future. Here are a few signs to look out for and what they could mean for your roof.


Unwanted, excessive moisture is probably the worst thing to happen to your home besides an actual tree falling on it. When it seeps into your home and builds up, it causes rotting of structures, discoloration of walls, and mold growth. One of your roof’s jobs is to protect moisture from getting into your home. If water is getting in through the roof, this indicates a possible leak through a crevice, improper roof underlayment or faulty shingles that are trapping moisture. Because moisture buildup can be a tough problem to fix, it is bound to be costly. The sooner you act, the more you save!

Wear & Tear

It is normal for any home to experience wear and tear over time. However, if you notice your roof is experiencing abnormally fast wear and tear, you may want to consult with a professional and get an assessment. Your roof may be incorrectly installed, be using the wrong type of material, or just a low quality material. Nonetheless, the average lifespan of a roof will vary between materials but should last at least a minimum of 20 years when properly installed. A roof isn’t always the first place people look at but a damaged roof definitely does not go unnoticed.

High Utility Bills

Ever wondered why your utility bill was so high even though you’ve taken energy efficient actions to reduce it? The stone left unturned may be your roof! It is the largest surface area covering your home, second to walls, but is sometimes forgotten. The problem may be with your roof’s insulation. In cold or warm weather, insulation is important. It locks indoor air in and blocks outdoor air out. In the summer, it keeps your home cool and in the winter, it keeps your home warm. If you notice your home is still using more energy than it should to keep temperatures at a comfortable state, it may be worth investigating your roof.

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