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Signs Your Home Needs a Roofing Repair

Now that the snow is officially gone for the season (knock on wood), it’s time to inspect your roof! It’s survived the weight of winter but how well? It’s important to spot early signs of damage and to take preventative measures to save yourself from bigger, more costly problems in the future. Here are a […]Read More

The Value of Gutters

Well-maintained and properly functioning gutters are important year round but most important during the winter months. Gutters prevent water from pooling on your roof and in the area around your home. When water collects in these areas, it can damage your foundation, seep into your home, and become a cesspool of insects and bacteria. These […]Read More

Affordable Home Renovations

…That Will Increase The Value of Your Home! Whether you are looking to improve your home or preparing to sell your home, there are a number of home renovations that won’t hurt your wallet. However, a good investment can be costly or affordable but what’s truly important is the ultimate value you gain. Windows & […]Read More

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Is your home in good shape? Fall is your chance to take care of major home improvement projects and prepare your home for the upcoming winter before daylight gets shorter and temperatures get colder. Use our handy Fall Home Maintenance Checklist to help you inspect your home! TREES Inspect the trees around your home for […]Read More

DIY Roofing – Is It Worth It?

DIY home improvement projects and repairs make sense but they are not always the right choice. Roofing is one of those projects best left to experienced and trusted professionals. It is an investment and not where you should be pinching pennies. Let’s consider some things. For example, the number of things that could go wrong […]Read More

Spring Maintenance Checklist

Spring Maintenance Checklist Spring is arriving and while the weather is getting nicer, flowers bloom, and the sun shines brighter and longer, every homeowner has Spring cleaning in mind. Want your house to shine? Creating a plan for what you need to be repaired, cleaned or updated will help do just that without driving stress […]Read More

Winter: Best Time to Remodel?

Why Winter Might be the Best Time to Remodel Your Home Contractor Availability & Prices Business is slower during the winter months and contractors may often be looking to make a little extra money during the holiday season by taking on your project. With less projects, contractors will be able to better focus their attention […]Read More

Keep Your Roof Safe This Winter

Winter is the most wonderful time of the year! Unfortunately, not for the roofs over our heads. Due to Buffalo’s brutal winters, the annual snowfall and ice accumulation is common for roof damage. If you notice leaks or water marks on the walls or ceiling of your home, damage is already done . ROOF TYPES […]Read More